Frequently Asked Questions

Where does Coco Libre get its coconuts?
We source organic certified coconuts from the Philippines, where they’re harvested at their nutritional peak.


Why is Coco Libre made from concentrate?
The Philippines is more than 8,000 miles away from California, where Coco Libre beverages are made. Shipping concentrated coconut water and then manufacturing in the U.S. is actually better for the planet, for food safety and for product quality.

    • It’s eco-smart. Think about shipping the weight and bulk of unconcentrated coconut water across a third of the globe’s circumference. The carbon impact would be 3 times higher than our process.
    • Made in the USA. By making our beverages closer to home at facilities certified by GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) with SQF (Safe Quality Food), we can ensure higher standards of food quality and safety.


But doesn’t concentrate boil away all the nutrition?
No. That idea, spread by some people on the Internet, has nothing to do with how Coco Libre concentrates our coconut water. We use reverse osmosis filtration and low heat to preserve as much nutrition as possible. We drink our products, too, and want the best for ourselves and you.


Is Coco Libre Coconut Water...
      • Organic? Yes, certified USDA Organic.
      • Non-GMO? Yes, verified by the Non-GMO Project.
      • Kosher? Yes, certified by the Orthodox Union, the most widely recognized kosher symbol in the world.
      • Gluten-free? Yes.
      • Corn- and soy-free? Yes.


How long will my Coco Libre drink keep after I open it?
After it’s opened, refrigerate your Coco Libre drink for up to 3 days. (The sooner you enjoy it, the better the flavor and nutrition.)


Why do you use flash pasteurization?
Flash pasteurization is a way we can deliver nutritional integrity and fresh flavor without compromising food safety. It’s a very common process used by many of the beverage brands you know.


Why do you add natural flavors? What are they?
The flavor of coconut water fresh from the nut can change from harvest to harvest. We add a small amount of natural flavors to make sure you get the Coco Libre flavor you expect. All our flavors are organic and non-allergenic.


Where can I buy your products? Are they sold online?
Check our store finder page for links to stores and online retailers.